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Brush skimmer


Brush Skimmer

The Brush skimmer design has been based on

many years experience supplying high capacity oil recovery


The Brush skimmer  is a light, portable suction type oil

skimmer, designed to recover oil from shore line, harbors,

estuaries, rivers and lakes. The Brush skimmer  uses the well

proven brush wheel system, which combines high oil

recovery capacity with a low free water pick-up rate.

The Brush skimmer , weighing only 28 kg (62 lbs), is a hand

portable skimmer with a recovery rate of up to 12m3/h

(75.5bbl/h). The  brush wheels will recover any floating

oils which remain fluid.

The Brush skimmer  comprises a floating skimmer head

incorporating two brush wheel units side by side with a

diameter of 250mm (9.8 inches). The brush wheels rotate

“with the flow”, forcing the oil under the water. The oil tends

to go up on the surface and at the same time sticks to the

oleophilic brushes. The brush wheels consist of hundreds of

thousands of bristles, giving a larger surface area for the oil

to stick to than any other mechanical skimmers available. As

the brush wheels rotate, water flows off the brushes through

a channel and out of the skimmer head. Collected oil is

scraped off into the oil collection hopper and pumped to a

recovery tank.

The Brush skimmer  is entirely hydraulic and is normally

supplied complete with a Lamor diesel powered hydraulic

power pack and all necessary ancillary equipment. The unit

should be connected to an effective suction pump or vacuum

system. Optionally the power pack can be either electrically,

gasoline or diesel driven.

The Brush skimmer  has proven its efficiency in continuous

recovery operations during hundreds of oil spills, in all

conditions and encountering all types of spilled oil and is

certified by Bureau Veritas.

Technical specifications

Length                                   835 mm

Width                                     665 mm

Height                                   360 mm

Weight                                  28 kg

Capacity                               12 m3/h

Hydraulic flow                     1-3 l/min

Hydraulic pressure            60-100 bar

Power req.                            0,1-0,5 kW


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