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Screw pump


Screw Pump



ThScrew pump is a multi purpose submersible

Archimedes screw pump with a pumping capacity of 50m3/h.

This pump has been designed for use in skimmers and

transfer or offloading pump applications and is able to pump

a wide range of liquids ranging from water to the heaviest

debris-laden viscous oils. The Screw pump can deliver a

maximum of 12bar outlet pressure, benefits from

water/steam annular injection on the inlet as standard and

debris cutting knife to handle solids such as seaweed,

plastics and ropes.

The Screw pump range is constructed from robust seawater

resistant aluminum for the casings and stainless, acid proof

steel internals with special seals that ensure the pump

remains “dry”. This hydraulically driven, positive

displacement pump with low screw speed avoids further

emulsification of the recovered product thus making further

separation more efficient.

The special internal geometry of the Screw design ensures a

gentle pumping action that will not emulsify oily water, and

ensures the efficient movement of material through the unit.

The pump can also handle solids up to 30mm in diameter,

should the pump become clogged, it can be reversed to

expel the blockage. The Screw’s range of impressive features

makes it well-suited to many applications, including for use

as a transfer pump in oil recovery skimmers, for emergency

pumping of heavy crude, bunker oil, or bitumen, for tank

cleaning, pipeline maintenance, and for sludge removal from

waste oil pits.

The Screw pump range has been extensively tested in the

field and has received accreditation from Bureau Veritas

confirming their recovery capacities in oils of varying



 Technical Specifications

Length                                           400 mm

Width                                             250 mm

Height                                            500 mm

Weight                                            49 kg

Capacity                                         61,2 max m3/h

Hydraulic flow                               160 max l/min

Hydraulic pressure                       210 max bar

Power req.                                      56 max kW

Discharge pressure                      12 bar


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